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"MAKE IT UP"(2013)

The debut original album written by Tsui and produced by Kurt Schneider, created with the help of fans from around the world who donated to the duo's Kickstarter campaign. Singles include "Make It Up", "Shadow" and "Wherever You Are" 


A three-song EP written by Tsui and produced by Kurt Schneider including "Wildfire" and "Love and Us" - was released in anticipation of the 2014 Asia Summer Tour.

  COVERS   (2009--)

Many of the covers and medleys found on Sam's Youtube channel can be purchased from the iTunes Store, Google Play, and listened to on Spotify - find out which tracks are available!


The brand new 12 song album, featuring "Cameo", "Trust", "Clumsy", "Just For Tonight", and more - all written and produced/co-produced by Sam, the album reflects a new and mature sound and direction.